Esso™ Diesel Efficient

Getting greater fuel efficiency from your fleet is crucial to the financial success of your business. That’s why we developed Esso™ Diesel Efficient.

This advanced diesel fuel is formulated to help:

  • Remove dirty fuel injector deposits
  • Reduce fuel system corrosion
  • Lower NOx, CO2 and particulate matter emissions
  • Give you a faster, cleaner fill (anti-foaming)
  • Save your business money*

Esso™ Diesel Efficient is available for commercial customers, at select locations, with deliveries into their storage tanks.

To learn more about Esso™ Diesel Efficient, and to see if it is available for delivery in your area, please contact us or download the full brochure.

*Esso™ Diesel Efficient claims are based on internal and third-party vehicle engine testing, laboratory testing, and/or industry or other scientific literature. Basis for comparison for all claims is versus Esso unadditised diesel. Vehicle type, engine type, driving behaviour, and other factors also impact fuel and vehicle performance, emissions, and fuel economy. Esso Diesel Efficient may be used in other heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles but results may vary.