Diesel Myth Buster

Diesel Myth Buster

Increasingly stringent environmental standards continue to put the spotlight on diesel’s environmental performance. At the same time, alternative fuels and a growing interest in electric vehicles are generating headlines. However, diesel’s days as a fuel for commercial vehicles are far from over, although some myths about its performance remain.

MYTH: All diesel fuels are essentially the same.

It’s really just a matter of finding the cheapest price.

Diesel continues to play a vital commercial role worldwide

Diesel engine and fuel technology will continue to evolve, as will alternative options. This will ensure that fleet owners have increasing access to the solutions they need to meet both commercial and regulatory requirements without compromising operations. However, the bottom line is that diesel remains critical to the commercial vehicle market – now and into the future. Fleet owners should therefore work with suppliers that offer consistently high quality diesel to ensure they get the full benefits of the latest performance-enhancing formulations.

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1 Source: https://www.acea.be/statistics/article/report-vehicles-in-use-europe-2018

2 Source: https://www.acea.be/press-releases/article/commercial-vehicle-registrations-5.8-first-half-of-2019-2.8-in-june

3 Independent tests performed at Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd., UK:

  • Compared the performance in heavy-duty vehicles of Esso™ unadditised diesel with Esso Diesel Efficient™ fuel
  • Used third-party customer trucks (Euro III and Euro V specifications)
  • Covered approximately 110,000 miles/177,000 km
  • Five months of normal daily on-road operations (motorway, rural, and urban environments)
  • Took trucks out of service periodically for lab testing
  • Test results range of 2.1% to 3.4% lower fuel consumption

Millbrook has expertise in automotive, test, and propulsion technologies and remain pioneers in low carbon development. (ISO Certification - ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.)

Esso Diesel Efficient™ fuel claims are based on internal and third-party vehicle engine testing, laboratory testing, and/or industry or other scientific literature. Basis for comparison for all claims is versus Esso™ unadditised diesel. Vehicle type, engine type, driving behaviour, and other factors also impact fuel and vehicle performance, emissions, and fuel economy. Esso Diesel Efficient™ fuel may be used in all heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles, but results may vary. Fuel economy testing was performed in the UK using on-road trucks.

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