What is the Future of Diesel?

What is the Future of Diesel?

Advances in diesel engine design and their impact on heavy goods vehicles

Heavy-duty diesel vehicles have come under the spotlight in recent years because of their perceived environmental impact. As a result, many fleet managers are assessing the possibility and timing of a switch from traditional diesel to alternative fuel options. Fortunately, technological developments, along with modifications in engine design and operation, can also help to lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions. So, what are some of the key technologies, how can high-quality fuel, such as Esso Diesel Efficient™, help engine performance, and what technology improvements are possible in the future? Continue to read below or download the article as pdf.

A holistic approach

Tackling the challenges of engine efficiency and emissions requires a holistic approach. No one method or technology will deliver the optimum solution; the optimisation of engine technology, vehicle design and fleet operation can all play a part. High-quality fuel such as Esso Diesel Efficient™ will also continue to have a central role in helping a fleet to perform at its best. Reach out to us to find the right fuel solution for you.

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